In Panatropolis there will be different types of residential with total are of 1,668,100 sqm :

Mid income

Panama has a huge demand for middle income housing. Panatropolis planners designed those houses as green gated communities with all the amenities for raising a family.

High income 

Special area at Panatropolis will be designated for the development of high income residential. These houses will enjoy luxurious amenities and prime location according to lifestyle demands of future habitats.The target market for this type of residential projects is rich locals and executives of multinational companies that are establishing it’s headquarter in Panama.

Retirement projects

Panama is one of the best places in the world for retirees, combining a low cost of living, near-perfect weather and one of the world's best discount programs for retirees, with up to 50% off everything from public transport to movies, doctor's visits, electricity, restaurants and airfares.  Panatropolis is the classic place for retired business man, who wants to stay in the middle of happening.